Success of the Sister March

Success is moving forward when all odds are against you.

Success is when the oppressed stand up and make a difference.

Success is when women unite together and fight for their rights.

Success is not only women fighting for their rights but the rights of the LGBT community, Children, Immigrants and everyone else who are at odds with the systematically unjust ways of the old laws.

Success is when men stand behind women and support them.

Success is when human beings are no longer labels.

Success is when we stop letting politics blind us with lies that are told to divided, conquer and control the why we think. When we stop being so easily influenced by what we hear then success will no longer be  a word but an action that forces close minds to open, gives light to those in the dark and puts love in the hearts that are filled with hatred.

Women are the mothers of the world, so we can change it. Let us teach our children and grandchildren the true essence of what life has to offer by marching with love and compassion. Our great grandmothers did it for us.

“We are Mothers, We are Daughters, We are Wives, We are Women and most of all we are Sisters!”- Dorrisia Taylor

Success of the Sister March

<a href="">Successful</a>

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