Exquisitely Exquisite

Exquisitely Exquisite

I love the piano and how exquisite it sounds. It is something about the chills that the chords bring to my body when played. I am listening to this song by John Legend called, “I Know Better” and I hear the cords of the organ being played and it sounds so exquisite. This song takes me back to when I was a young girl at church on a Sunday morning singing praise and worship and not being able to hear myself sing over the organ and the drums. There is nothing like the praise and worship songs that grandma use to sing back in the day the songs were exquisite, powerful and unforgettable (they don’t have worship service like that anymore). That is why I like this song, not only that but when I listen to exquisite music that I can connected with, it gives me life. I began to sing the song as if I was on stage and the audience listening and singing along with me. They were listening not because my voice is as exquisite as John Legend, but they listened, because they can connect as well. Just like the exquisite older lady who I looked up to because she wore pencil skirt suits with matching heels with matching lipstick and big hats. She always sung off key in the pew in front of me, crying with her hands up in the air and all I can do is listen to each word that flowed out her mouth, because each word was exquisite, those words she sung were her truth and her cries of praise to God. That is why I pour my heart out when I sing songs that I connect with like “I Know Better” by John Legend because not only are they his exquisite truth, but they are mine as well.

Exquisite means beautiful or delicate but most of all it is something that is wonderful. – Dorrisa Taylor




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